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Mediterranean wood appreciates art, an excellent bond that allows us to present the collection Puigmarti, honoring his passion and his relentless pursuit of artistic perfection. This is a new generation composed of the finest European oak wood combined with excellence in creative design.

Our brush is created by mixing plastic and steel spikes to dig deeper into the grain of the oak, removing the soft parts of the wood surface. This technique is very unique delving into the finish to highlight the beauty of the wood and the grain. In Mediterranean wood we want the process of developing our wood to mimic that of the work of art to enhance their quality and above all, its uniqueness.

Wood is a natural material, there is no equal. The pieces have more pronounced differences in tone in the quality natural and less in the quality excelsior.

Excelcior Quality

Maximum selection to achieve harmonious selection. You can choose from a width of 140mm or 180mm.

Natural Quality

Select wood with knots and sapwood to achieve a real and living style. This product is produced in 140mm and 180mm, using the best board to highlight the natural wood.

Country Quality

Wood with knots, sapwood and filled knots. This can be mixed with the 140mm and 180mm natural quality.