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Want to be your author?

Imagine that you can create the flooring for your home as if it is a piece of art. Mediterranean wood offers you the chance to be the designer, we give you the opportunity to choose and combine colours to suit your personality and uniqueness, and there are no limits. Your creation will be, for us, a challenge to design a perfect floor.

You can choose from our 18 colours or you can choose your own from a colour chart, red, yellow, etc. You can mix colours and tones. We can replicate colors you may already have in your own furniture, match the color you want.

Choose your finishes

Excelsior or Natural. The choice is yours


Choose the rustic look of wood worn by the passage of time and use.

Methodology >


How do it?

Mediterranean wood offers the creative freedom to design any wood you can imagine. Create your masterpiece!

  • 1. Select a design or colour swatch that you want in a piece at least 180x300 mm.
  • 2. Send the sample to the factory to prepare a prototype according to your instructions. You will pay 300 E in advance which will be returned when you make the final order.
  • 3. We create the prototype as per your sample and send it to you to confirm.
  • 4. When you receive the prototype you confirm and then place your order for your project indicating wood selection. When ordering we credit you the cost of the prototype.
  • 5. Once the flooring is produced it is shipped to you ready to install, now you can enjoy your work of art.
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